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Renting your home out while it is unoccupied has become very popular across the US through the company Airbnb. Unfortunately, not all guests leave the house the way that they found it. Airbnb has started to offer insurance to the homeowners to try to give them some coverage. READ MORE >>

Moving data into the cloud is an opportunity to create more access and better security. As a business owner, this move can be a big one. Yet, the efficiencies it offers are numerous. Still, in making this move, companies need to consider the value and access of their business insurance. READ MORE >>

Home insurance is a vital investment for all property owners. In some cases, it is a requirement. In others, you may not legally have to maintain it. Yet, a problem with your coverage could lead to a lack of financial protection. How does this happen? What can you do to avoid it? READ MORE >>

Pools are a great way to have fun in the summer heat. Make sure that you are not putting yourself in danger of any incidents that will leave you liable. Pool owners are liable for anyone who uses it whether they have been given permission or not. More than 1,000 children drown in a pool each year and many are injured. READ MORE >>

An act of God is a term used on many auto insurance policies. It defines instances causing an accident or damage beyond what man can create. That is, it applies to instances in which a person did not cause the damage your vehicle suffers. Not all types of car insurance cover this type of incident. READ MORE >>

Boulevard Music is presenting free summer music concerts in Culver City every Thursday. These six concerts will cover a variety of genres. They will be held in front of City Hall in downtown Culver City from 7-9pm every Thursday. The concert will validate parking for two hours during the concert in local parking structures. READ MORE >>

Thunderstorms cause significant damage to homes each year. The damage ranges from missing roof shingles to trees falling on the structure. Your home insurance may cover some or all of the thunderstorm damage. However, you can minimize some risks on your own. Taking steps to minimize risks helps keep your home insurance costs down. READ MORE >>

The best part of summer in a teenager’s life is being able to drive themselves and not have to depend on parents to drop off and pick up. Although this may seem beneficial for parents, there are some tips to making sure that they are being safe.    #1 School is out READ MORE >>

As a professional financial planner, you have an obligation to provide your clients with accurate information. You may own an office. You may make visits to client’s homes. These are all factors contributing to your need for business insurance. Having proper insurance coverage is essential. READ MORE >>

Auto insurance costs can be a hardship for some seniors. Those who have a fixed budget may struggle with these costs. Maintaining car insurance is still necessary if you continue to drive. It is financial protection, after all. However, there are options available to help reduce your costs. READ MORE >>

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